Ten Fathoms Deep: Versus Experience

Ten Fathoms Deep: Versus Experience

A brand new unique experience at The Panic Room. Ten Fathoms Deep is a VS room, two teams of 2-5 people can face off against each other.

The hull is about to give in, the safety glass about to crack. Two rival crews but only one emergency escape pod remails. Two identical rooms, the ultimate competitive VS experience that you have all been asking for. Can your crew get to the submarines last remaining escape pod and reach the surface? Or will you drown as the other crew seals their victory and your fate?

CAUTION - Ten Fathoms Deep has some confined spaces and climbing, for more information please contact us.

Please also wear comfortable shoes


4 Players - £80
5 Players - £90
6 Players - £100
7 Players - £110
8 Players - £120
9 Players - £130
10 Players - £140

Opens October 7th!


Or Call: 01474 536801