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Old Father Time

It's New Year's Eve and Old Father Time - The master of the most powerful force of nature - has gone missing! Without him, the clocks won't reset at midnight and the sands of time will run out - permanently!
The effects have already started - the forest creatures have started turning to stone, and in 60 minutes, the waves of time will cease to ripple and the rest of the world will follow suit! Start a new chapter and work together to explore a beautiful tree cabin straight from the pages of a fantasy novel to discover the secrets inside. A mystical fairy tale escape room awaits where time is more important than ever!
This award-winning room is perfect for adults and kids alike. Don't let the beautiful scenery fool you: tricky challenges and puzzles lie ahead. Can you save the day and time itself?


Golden Key Winner 2017!

"The Panic Room managed to create a real-life fairy tale in Old Father Time. It’s hard to express how utterly amazing the start of this game is: it was almost as if I’d walked into a Disney attraction. One that I’ll definitely be returning to with midi-Logic and mini-Logic. " from reviewer 'The Logic Escapes Me'"

2 people - £50

3 people - £66
4 people - £80
5 people - £95

6 people - £99


Rating: ratingsPG.png
Recommend Age: 8+ (6+ is fine if playing as a family)

You are never physically locked inside the room and may leave at any point.
If a group contains children younger than 12 then an adult must be present

Location: The Panic Room Gravesend 1 - Berkley Crescent


Or Call: 01474 340255