Dino Land: Instinct Or Extinct

Dinoland is the biggest attraction that Gravesend has to offer! A dazzling 75 minute experience that fills nearly 2000sq ft for young and old in an adventure like no other! Running through the headquarters of Dino Land, where you can come eye to eye with our Prehistoric Predators from the past!

This state of the art facility is currently looking for new rangers! But, it seems you have got a tough first day at work ahead, as soon, the sirens will be blaring! The dinosaurs have escaped! Can you get to safety, and restore the park's security before the dinosaurs take over the park?

Over 1000 teams of Rangers have taken on the challenge and loved it, we'd like to think it's been a...roaring success!

Please note due to sheer size, extra staff involved and time of the room Dino Land has very different pricing structure from all of our rooms, this room is on another level and worth every penny!

Note: There is 1 section of crawling which can be bypassed. There is basic strobe lighting used so it may not be suitable for those with epilepsy. There is limited use of smoke machines which may not be suitable for asthmatics. This experience does has live actors however they are are on your side.

2 players - £70 (£35pp)
3 players - £90 (£30pp)
4 players - £105 (£26.25pp)
5 players - £120 (£24pp)
6 players - £130 (£21.66pp)
7 players - £140 (£20pp)
8 players - £150 (£18.75pp)

AGE: 8+

Location: The Panic Room Gravesend 3 - St Georges Center


Or Call: 01474 340255