Dino Land: Instinct Or Extinct

An attraction in itself, Dino Land is a 75 minute large scale experience which will include live actors (Dino Land Park Rangers), although sadly not live dinosaurs as apparently they are actually extinct but...there will be some special appearances.

You and your team will be moving between outdoor areas, winding corridors and of course Dino Land Central control. Your goal will be completing your mission by saving the day, getting the individual park systems back online and of course not becoming lunch for the attractions.

Please note due to sheer size, extra staff involved and time of the room Dino Land has very different pricing structure from all of our rooms, this room is on another level and worth every penny!

2 players - £70 (£35pp)
3 players - £90 (£30pp)
4 players - £105 (£26.25pp)
5 players - £120 (£24pp)
6 players - £130 (£21.66pp)
7 players - £140 (£20pp)
8 players - £150 (£18.75pp)


Or Call: 01474 536801