Have you ever wished to be part of your very own action or detective film? Well, look no further!

At The Panic Room we offer you the chance to make it all come true.

There are 60 minutes on the clock and the moment you step in time starts ticking!

Your goal is simple: Get out before you are out of time! Puzzles, challenges and clues are all around you. Can you and your team work together to uncover the secrets hidden within the hour?

With over 1900 Five star reviews on TripAdvisor, The Panic Room Gravesend has secured its spot as the No1 rated Fun attraction in Kent and the 2nd best rated Escape Room in the whole of the UK out of over 250 companies.


12 different experiences to choose from, gather your team and book your room!
Just remember...Don't Panic!

Standard Prices:
2 people - £40
3 people - £57
4 people - £70
5 people - £80
6 people - £87.50
7 people - £95
8 people - £100

Note: Prices for Dino Land, Ten Fathoms Deep and North Pole Panic are at different prices.
Please check our booking page for detailed prices.

Looking for our HARLOW, ESSEX Branch? Head over to: www.thepanicroomharlow.com



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Here at The Panic Room Gravesend we offer a range of services to companies/organisations who are ready to book a visit at Kent's leading entertainment attraction with a capacity of up to 79 people at one time.

Escape Rooms from the ground up are built for team-work, being given a goal to accomplish within a time limit and working together to achieve this goal. Teams are able to assess their current tasks and will have to work together in order to succeed with 60 minutes.

This is perfect for replicating the potential stressors and deadlines that may get thrown at staff on a daily basis in their regular roles. By using an Escape Room environment it gives them a really fun and enjoyable experience while also testing themselves and their team work. This will be something your team will be talking about for days and weeks after making it an unforgettable experience.

With over 1500 Five Star reviews across the web, The Panic Room is now rated 1 for fun things to do in Kent on TripAdvisor and has secured itself as the go to destination for people all across Kent, Essex and London.


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So what are escape rooms all about?

What are your opening hours?

Monday - Sunday 10am till Midnight

Will it be just my group or will we be with other people?

Unlike some other escapes we operate all of our rooms as 100% private. This is your experience so if you book a room, no matter the number it will be just your group.

Is it scary?

Our Panic Room experience is nothing to be afraid of! Just you, your friends, 60 minutes and a mystery to solve! We are not a horror attraction however The Dollhouse is our horror room which contains some scares and is inside a very grim setting. The Gilman Hotel is different and includes a little extra interaction from your Gamemaster to add to the experience.

What time should I arrive?

Please try to arrive 10-15 minutes before your booked session for your briefing and introduction. Your game is due to start at the exact time you have booked for. If you turn up late you may not be able to play your booked slot or have a time deducted start.

Can I take a photo or record video in the room?

Don't take pictures or record videos inside the room, anyone caught doing so will be asked to delete the material and may be asked to leave the game. Also please do not reveal any of the tricks, puzzles and solution to the public. It will spoil the game and their enjoyment.

What is the minimum/maximum team size for each game room?

Minimum is 2 players, maximum is 8 players, except for Million Dollar Date Night which is a 2 player room only.

How can I book?

You can book online via our website. Look in the menu above and click tickets to go to our booking website:
Email us at: alex@thepanicroom.net
Or simply call us on: 01474 536801 and speak to a member of our staff.

Is there an age restriction?

Suitable for ages 10+ , Children 10-12 require an adult over 18 in the room with them.
The Dollhouse in suitable for ages 18+, however 12+ is allowed with parental consent.

How long does the experience last?

The experience will last up to 90 minutes, this consists of 60 minutes of being in the room plus briefing and debriefing.

I have claustrophobia / anxiety, will I be ok in the room?

This will depend per person however we believe that most people will be fine. For health and safety the door is never locked so you may exit and re-enter at anytime. If you feel claustrophobia or anxiety may be an issue we would recommend booking with a smaller group. Alternatively, you can come to us before booking and check out the room before hand to decide if you are comfortable with it.

We will always try our best to accommodate you as much as possible.

I am pregnant, will I be ok in the room?

Absolutely and we won't even charge you for the extra team member! There is nothing in the room that is exerting, there are seats in the room that you can use if you need to rest while also still being part of the game. We also provide free refreshments and you can leave at any time during the game to use facilities if needed.

Is it wheelchair accessible?

Currently neither Gravesend locations are suitable for wheelchair access. For further information please contact us.

I have already booked, can I add more people to my booking?

Yes, as long as your total group size does not exceed the maximum for the room you have booked. Please see our booking page for further details. Any extras do not need to be paid for until you arrive.

Do you have parking?

For The Panic Room Locations 1 & 2 there is parking available at Milton Place Car Park which is less than 2 minutes walk away, the address is: Ordnance Road, Milton Place, Gravesend DA12 2RL
For The Panic Room Location 3 (St Georges Centre) there is parking available at West Street Car Park, Gravesend, DA11 0DJ or St Georges Centre Car Park (Closed after 7pm)


The Panic Room 1 (The Don, Old Father Time, Million Dollar Date Night):
7 Berkley Crescent
DA12 2AH

The Panic Room 2 (The Panic Room, The Dollhouse, The Gilman Hotel, Defective Detective):
148-150 Milton Road
Access via: The Grove (Rear Of Wing Lee)
DA12 1DP

The Panic Room 3 (Dino Land, Ten Fathoms Deep, LOOP, Enigma, North Pole Panic):
23a St Georges Centre,
Princes Street
DA11 0TB